About Me

Hey! I'm an easily-nerdsniped student who loves watching anime and going on spontaneous adventures.

I work on open source zero knowledge cryptography right now. In the past, I did work in lots of fields like multi-tissue aging research, equivariant molecular neural networks, NLP, and healthcare. I've also worked on open education for MIT and Harvard, and give my money away as grants for cool open source work.


Here are the best ones. Check them out!

Research Explorer

I gibber on about my work. Gave talk on verifiably deterministic signatures on ECDSA at Stanford Science of Blockchain Conference '22 (left), EthBogota '22, and ZKSummit 8 Berlin '22. Previously gave talks on ZK airdrops at Devconnect '22 and drones at IEEE IROS '17. Gave technical deep dive of Alphafold 2 to MIT Undergrad AI Group (below).

Infinite Game Enabler

Co-created MIT's AIM Labs, an applied machine learning project club. Led an iteration of Hack Lodge and mentored/attended many times. Co-ran a reflective cabin retreat and co-wrote a guide to run your own. Co-organizing a project-based group house for Jan 2023. Run microgrants program, where I give away my best ideas.

Contact Me

Always happy to discuss hard problems and infinite games!