About Me

Hey! I'm an easily-nerdsniped student who loves watching anime and going on spontaneous adventures. I have over 10M users on software from my high school days.

Right now, I work on open source zero knowledge cryptography, mostly in Rust. In the past, I did work in lots of fields like multi-tissue aging research, equivariant molecular neural networks, NLP, and healthcare. In the past past, I enjoyed competitive programming and went to USACO camp.


Here are the best ones. Check them out!

Research Explorer

I gibber on about my work. Gave talk on verifiably deterministic signatures on ECDSA at Stanford Science of Blockchain Conference '22 (left), EthBogota '22, and ZKSummit 8 Berlin '22. Previously gave talks on ZK airdrops at Devconnect '22 and drones at IEEE IROS '17. Gave technical deep dive of Alphafold 2 to MIT Undergrad AI Group (below).

Infinite Game Enabler

Co-created MIT's AIM Labs, an applied machine learning project club. Led an iteration of Hack Lodge and mentored/attended many times. Co-ran a reflective cabin retreat and co-wrote a guide to run your own. Co-organizing a project-based group house for Jan 2023. Run microgrants program, where I give away my best ideas.

Contact Me

Always happy to discuss hard problems and infinite games!